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GUIDES - Installation

The AquaArch™ system is a paving unit and can be installed like a typical hand placed paving unit. The AquaArch blocks weigh …lbs. for the 8”x8” units and …lbs. for the 8”x12” units.


Maintenance on the AquaArch system is drastically different from other pervious or permeable surfaces.


AquaArch™ blocks are installed either staggered or in a straight line and have built in spacers to allow for water easily pass through the blocks and into the rock storage area. The AquaArch™ system is unique from traditional pavers in that the spaces between the blocks are designed be left open and should not be fill with stone. This creates additional cost savings and makes maintenance of the system easier.


The ¼” gap that the block spacers provide falls within the ADA requirements and assures that the AquaArch system can be installed anywhere.


There is no typical maintenance schedule associated with the AquaArch™ system as site conditions may dictate how often the system needs to be cleaned. The main drainage component of the AquaArch™ system, the ¼” gaps between blocks, can become clogged and inhibit water runoff from flowing vertically into the storage area substructure. When this occurs the AquaArch™ system will need to be cleaned using a pressure washer vacuum. This vacuum will break loose the sediments trapped in-between the pavers and suck them out restoring the full drainage capacity of the AquaArch™ system.


After initial installation of AquaArch™, it is recommended that the system be inspected bi-monthly to ensure that the openings are not clogged and that water infiltration is still occurring at the desired rate. Since each project site is unique it should be left to the discretion of the owner or engineer as to how often the system can be checked and vacuumed to maintain proper function.

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