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  • Q:  How does AquaArch™ Work?

    • Aqua​Arch™ is a versatile product that can be used in many situations such as: Parking Lots, City Streets, Intersections, Highways, Emergency Access Roads, Sidewalks, Trails, Alleyways, and Driveways​

  • Q:  How does AquaArch™ Work?

    • Aqua Arch™ is a paver that is designed with a void space on the bottom side of the block. Storm water runoff flows down between the blocks and is stored in this void space as well as in the stone underlayment of various sizes. Essentially AquaArch™ captures and stores storm water runoff and allows it to naturally filtrate vertically back into the water table.

  • Q:  What is the benefit of using AquaArch™ over conventional paving?

    • AquaArch™ allows for engineers to create a storm water runoff reservoir in spaces that is already allocated for paving. This saves the project valuable land space that might have otherwise had to be delegated for a retention pond. A simple land value calculation can be drawn to illustrate exactly how cost effective AquaArch™ can be for your project.

  • Q: How deep and what size stone needs to be used underneath AquaArch™?

    • #57 stone (approximately 30% void space) is recommended to be used as a subbase and storage area for the storm water runoff over the AquaArch™ system. The engineer of record can determine the necessary depth of the stone subbase by estimating a total volume of water needed to be stored for a given rainfall event.

  • Q: How does water flow down in-between the AquaArch™ pavers?

    • AquaArch™ is designed with ¼ spacers on the sides of the block to allow for adequate open area for water to flow down into the reservoir area.

  • Q: Do you need to back fill the spaces between each AquaArch™ paver?

    • No, the AquaArch™ system is designed to have that open area to allow for water to filter down into the storage reservoir.

  • Q: Does AquaArch™ need to be maintained?

    • Yes, some maintenance may be required in areas of high sediment and particle runoff. If the spaces between the AquaArch™ blocks become clogged they must be washed and vacuumed out to restore the AquaArch™ system back to its designed capabilities.

  • Q: How Often does AquaArch™ need to be maintained?

    • There are no set timing requirements for maintenance as each project site will present different levels of sediment. It is recommended that the AquaArch™ system be inspected bi-monthly after initial installation to ensure proper drainage function. A maintenance schedule may be developed by the engineer to ensure proper system function. 

  • Q: What is the loading capacity of the AquaArch™?

    • AquaArch™ is capable of H-20, HS-20, HS-25 truck loading.

  • Q: Is AquaArch™ ADA compliant?

    • Yes, the gaps between the AquaArch™ blocks fall safety within the ADA requirements for pavers.

  • Q: Are there any LEED credits available for using the AquaArch™ pavers?

    • Yes, up to 5 LEED credits may be available to a project.

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