TECHNICAL:  Design Objective

The AquaArch™ system is designed to store water in multiple locations to increase the total capacity of your designed reservoir. First, the arch on the bottom of AquaArch™ blocks create a void space from water to be stored while slowly draining into the 6”-10” layer of #57 stone (3/4” angular stone with no fines). This layer of #57 stone has approximately 30% void space to store water and allow for natural infiltration into the soils below.


In situations where additional reservoir storage is needed, a layer of 2”-3” stone can be added to the bottom level of your AquaArch™ design. This stone has an approximate void space of 40% and can be sized as needed to meet your project specifications.


AquaArch™ will provide a layout drawing for your project to aid with appropriate installation.

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