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Cellular Concrete Blocks  

A.  Materials  

1.  Cementitious Materials – Materials shall conform to the following applicable ASTM specifications:  


2.  Portland Cements - Specification C 150, for Portland Cement. 1.1.2 Blended Cements - Specification C 595, for Blended Hydraulic Cements.  


3.  Hydrated Lime Types - Specification C 207, for Hydrated Lime Types.  


4.   Pozzolans - Specifications C 618, for Fly Ash and Raw or Calcinated Natural Pozzolans for use in Portland Cement Concrete.  

5.  Aggregates shall conform to the following ASTM specifications, except that grading requirements shall not necessarily apply:  


6.  Normal Weight - Specification C 33, for Concrete Aggregates. 

Performance Standards

ASTM C1701/C1701M‐09 ASTM C1781

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